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Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Using Facebook Ads

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Using Facebook Ads

Ever wondered if Facebook Advertising could be the key to taking your business to the next level? I’m here to tell you - it is, and have come to the right place for find out why! Here’s a cheat sheet to 5 reasons why you absolutely SHOULD be using Facebook ads for your small, program or service-based business:

  1. Be proactive in your community - reach a large number of people in a short period of time


With digital advertising on Facebook, you can reach thousands and thousands of people in your local and surrounding communities in a short period of time. With an average of 1.82 billion daily users in 2020, the average daily user clicks on 11 Facebook ads per month. Although you hear a small percentage of Facebook users vocalize their dislike of Facebook advertising, the majority of the Facebook population enjoys interacting with small business ads and find true value!

  1. Your dream leads are right there waiting for you

On average, brands advertising on Facebook can reach 2.14 billion users. Although a majority of 2.14 billion people may not be within your community or target market, even 1% of 2.14 billion users can make a huge impact on your success. Many small program-based business owners believe that their ideal clients are not on Facebook - and that’s just not true. Reiterating point number one, the majority of Facebook users see advertising as a means of finding real value right in their local community.

  1. Target based on anything you are looking for

No matter how broad or how niche you want to be with targeting for your local service-based business, there are essentially limitless options for targeting your dream customers with Facebook ads! Target based on location, age, interests, pre-made email lists, or even characteristics about a person. Did you know that you can even create a “lookalike” audience, targeting people who are similar to your past & current clients, people who visit your website, or people who have even interacted with your ads. This opens up a whole new audience in your local community of people who would likely be interested in your business!

  1. Great for working leads down the sales funnel

Have you gotten a lead that was on the fence, not ready to pull the trigger? No worries - with digital advertising on Facebook you can retarget those leads, reminding them of your awesome services or your limited-time promotions! Not only can you create brand awareness and generate leads, as a small service-based business, you can encourage users to take action down your sales funnel, taking the next step with conversion-driven Facebook advertising campaigns.

  1. Get your BEST return on investment (aka effective, cheap leads!)

If you use all of the tips above for marketing your local business, tip #5 becomes easy as pie. Facebook ads statistically cost a small fraction of similar outbound marketing channels, and can produce significant results in a short period of time. With a clear, defined audience and brand awareness that mirrors your small business’s core values, you can almost guarantee your will be set up for success!

At Everflo, our team of Facebook advertising experts in the program & service-based industries are here to help guide you down the path to success. Achieve your goals with one of our Facebook advertising programs - just submit your information above to get connected with an Advertising Consultant! 

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